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Specialty oH&s compliant guardrail solutions


OH&S regulations are in place to save lives and create a safe working environment. Safety First Systems, Inc. is dedicated to the advancement of simple, reliable safety protection throughout the construction industry.

non-penetrating clamp-on guardrail systems

Clamp - On Guardrail Systems: Steel OH&S Compliant Guardrail & Stair Rail Systems. These Systems Allow Contractors To Quickly Erect OH&S Compliant Guardrail & Stair Rail Systems That Are Fully Reusable.


Safety Is Our Business!

Temporary guardrails or some type of fall protection must be utilized whenever an unprotected edge is 6 feet or more. A stress engineering report summary is available for all products to ensure that written documentation is readily available on-site in the event of an on-site OH&S or safety inspection.



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Select product application images on commercial, residential and multi-family projects.

International Sales

Safety Boot Guardrail System is manufactured by our international partners in USA and Australia.

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Safety Boot Guardrail System has been featured on several prestigious video projects and fall protection training resource kits.

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We Have Resellers Across Canada,  As Well As In Every State In The United States, Australia And New Zealand!

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engineering stress reports

Third Party Stress Engineering Report Summaries Are Available For Our Entire Product Line.

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the original Safety Boot® Guardrail System

Safety Boot® Guardrail System: Simple & Affordable Reusable Temporary Guardrail & Stair Rail Systems. The Safety Boot® Guardrail System Exceeds Canadian & International Safety Regulations.


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