Sturd-I-Floor ® (1-1/8 Inch Thick) Plywood

Each Safety Boot® installed must use:
5--Hex-Head Lag Screws, 3/8 x 2 inch; and
5--3/8 X 1-1/2 inch Fender Washers
Washers Provided with ALL Orders

Anchor directly into Sturd-I-Floor® (1-1/8 inch thick) plywood using the four primary corner holes and by adding a 5th screw on the inside of the guardrail or stair rail system in the secondary hole provided.

Warning! Never Use Nails or Unspecified Fasteners to Anchor the Safety Boot®!

Different Types of Subfloor Material Require Different Types of Fasteners In Order to Exceed the OH&S Guardrail Requirements.

Securing Safety Boot® to 2X4 Post

Each Safety Boot® must use:

1--Hex-Head Lag Screw, 3/8 x 2 inch; and
1--3/8 X 1-1/2 inch Fender Washer

Washers Provided with ALL Orders

Anchor into provided hole in sidewall of Safety Boot®.